WordPress Management & Design

Welcome to Berthixson.com. I have been a WordPress management and design freelance professional since 2007. I can and will keep your website running safely and smoothly. Allowing you to focus on what you do best — running your business. Leave your WordPress management and design to a WordPress expert.

With a WordPress management support plan, your website will never be unprotected again.

A WordPress site is made up of several working parts —WordPress core, themes, and plugins. These all need to be checked and updated to their latest versions on a regular basis. As part of my WordPress management service, I will ensure this happens so your site will always be up to date.

If there’s a problem with your WordPress website, you won’t have to figure out whether it’s a software issue, a server issue, or a plugin issue – I can fix it. I will diagnose the problem, ensure you understand what’s happening, take action to resolve it right away, and proactively help prevent it from occurring again.

WordPress Management Services

Expert WordPress Design & Development Professional Services

Are you looking for a WordPress website design but aren’t exactly sure how to get there? Let me help. I can design and build a highly functional and fast performing WordPress website that will exceed your expectations.

If you have an existing WordPress site that only needs design improvements, I can build new post-types, landing page templates, new content layouts, and other custom elements that transform your ambitious business ideas into reality.

WordPress Management & Design

Contact me today, I look forward to working with you.

I am just an email away. If you notice anything weird, a drop in performance, site speed, or even a faulty plugin, I can help. When it comes to WordPress management and design, I understand one size doesn’t fit all. I’ll determine your best course of action based on your needs. You can also request improvements to your existing site, like design changes, updates, and technical support. I will always respond within 1 business day.

Simply put, I am a WordPress expert that can manage, protect, and improve your website.